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At the end of our rainbow, there’s just a rope, but nothing will brighten your day like this fabulous dude! He’s all aglow in the scents of nature, including cedar, sage, coriander, agave & invigorating citrus. So make a wish and head for the shower…not necessarily in that order:)

11 reviews for Rainbow

  1. Rainbow

    You got out my order of 40 rainbow dicks in record time n they were gorgeous. They arrived in perfect condition n made my party a hit, for sure. Thanks for the group discount, soap fetish. Jennifer, Denver, CO

  2. the Rainbow dick

    I shoulda reviewed this one last week when I did the RAINBOW handjob review. This is what I got at Pride Fest last year and it was so pretty I gave 7 or 8 of them for Christmas presents. I will order for Christmas next month. Cass, Miami, FL

  3. Michael Boulder, CO

    This makes me smile every time I look at it or use it. Love this soap, DK

  4. Rainbow soap

    I love looking at my soap and show everyone that comes to my house. I take them right to my bathroom. Just ordered my new one and an extra for my kitchen this time.

  5. Rainbow dick

    Ooooh, GeeGee, thank you for your kind words. And, YES, our gorgeous girls will be online, hopefully, in a few weeks. Until then, just email us at soapdames@gmail.com and you can order that way, no worries. Thanks again, the Soap Dame

  6. Rainbow

    Thrilled to see your booth at PRIDE in Vegas – have been buying from you on line for 2 years but seeing all your stuff in person was really amazing. And now vaginas!? Are they going to be on your site? I hope so – they were beautiful and I will give a review if they come online – I bought the READ MY LIPS one and love it.

    GeeGee, LA

  7. Rainbow dick


  8. Rainbow

    So, so pretty and the colors are really brilliant. Definitely brightens up my bathroom and my MOOD! Alyssa

  9. shea

    still my favorite DICK!

  10. Emma B

    The colors are amazing – got this and the Willie Dick.

  11. Amanda Harris

    The coolest gift ever

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