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Our rainbow-colored girl (yes, all seven colors!) is like a breath of fresh air, in scents of cedar, sage, coriander and brilliant citrus.

Meet “HER,” by Soap Fetish. She’s a beautiful, handmade glycerine soap, weighing in at a full 7 ounces, measuring approximately 2.75 inches wide, by 3.75 inches tall, and 1.75 inches deep.

All Soap Fetish soaps are made with cosmetic-grade glycerines, micas & colors. They provide rich lather and delectable scents till the last drop!

4 reviews for Be-You-Tiful People

  1. Cara G

    I just bought this at the Divas show this past weekend and love seeing her in my bathroom. She really is beautiful.

  2. Katie

    I went to Divas Show just to see your soap and I was blown away its so pretty. I got this one, the GI Jane and GI Joe and the dicks I originally heard about. They are all fantastic.

  3. Cam

    I bought HER at the Diva show and she really is beautiful. I got the HIM too.
    I love all your other body parts too.

  4. Peri Olsen

    Very cool.

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