Family Jewels


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Precious doesn’t begin to describe these little jewels, but we’ll try.

Our Sapphire boasts a rustic amber scent with undertones of lavender, myrrh and vanilla.

And Emerald? Deep, rich green in deep, rich scent of eucalyptus, spearmint, sage & lavender Who wouldn’t want to inherit this little group?

Ruby is wearing our pomegranate fragrance, with sparkling notes of citrus, dewberry, cassis musk and sandalwood – she’s just one mysterious gal!

3 reviews for Family Jewels

  1. Bella

    Rich in color and the smells are great. I received these for Christmas and they were a total delight I had to check you out for myself.

  2. Vicki D in KC

    I used these as party favors last year and they were a smash. Going for them again (& willies).

  3. Georgia P

    definitely precious gems, each different and brilliant.

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