How did a nice Catholic, Irish-Italian girl from the Midwest end up in Sin City as the Soap Dame, a.k.a., advocate of the ass, booster of the Beaver, purveyor of the penis??? Some good luck, of course! A colorful imagination & 50+ years of living helped, too.

In 1979, my Grammy brought me to Las Vegas for good grades in college.  I ended up falling in love with this place where rain and snow are rare, and I’m still here.  Two divorces and four, fabulous kids later, I had been selling real estate for 25 years and needed something “different;” something for my long-inactive artistic side, that would also be a source of income.  I tried soap-making – the lye kind – but the market is saturated, and I was mediocre, at best.  If I was going to make soap, I wanted other people to love it, too!  What had universal appeal???  Ding-dong, figuratively AND literally, so… Dick was my first! He was immediately followed by Little Peckers and the trusty Handjob!

A couple years later I unleashed the Boobs, brought on the Butts and, finally, the Beavers!  I love carving the original shapes, sending them to my mold-maker and making the finished products, all in my Las Vegas studio.  I’m working on another one right nowJ.  Naming the soaps (my kids and boyfriend all have plenty of input in this area!), writing about them, having shows, talking to customers:  all an absolute blast!

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for shopping at Soap Fetish.  Spread the word AND the suds,