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Welcome to Soap Fetish

We are NOT an X–rated site, just good, "clean" fun. But you must be 18 to proceed!

NO WIENERS (dicks, penises, willies, johnsons, woodies, et al) OR BOOBS (tatas, love bags, knockers, hooters, yadda, yadda) were harmed during the making of these soaps.

All soaps are purely fictitious: any resemblance to an actual wiener or boob, either living or imaginary, is purely coincidental.

Now, if you’re ready, we’d like to introduce you.



Gosh, who knew boobs were soooo popular?! Apparently, everyone. You'll be happy to know our gorgeous girls are all glittery & richly scented, in the usual Soap Fetish style, each pair in their own gift box. And where else can you get a Boob Job for this kind of money? (Information about our donations to Nevada State Veteran's Home and Susan G. Komen)

Kiss on the Cheek


Tantalizing tush, delectable derriere, ravishing rump?  No matter what you call 'em, these bottoms are tops!  In gorgeous hues & scents, these sudsy buns are definitely an ass-et to any kitchen or bath.  And the old saying 'counters are for glasses, not for asses' no longer applies:  we think our asses should be on every available countertop!



His full name is "I’m such a Dick," but that was a bit too long for our web guy to keep typing. And we love our web guy, so, Dick it is! A legend in his own pants (aren’t they all?), we agree he does smell as good as he looks.



Everyone loves a good handjob, right? We think you’ll love ours; they’re in kick-ass colors, cool metallics and fabulous scents.

Little Peckers


Our little threesomes come together in the most exciting ways. They range from rocker glam and black tie chic to tone on tone . . . on tone.



When you just can't decide what to get, go with one of our total gift packages. You can try all our fab soaps in one great box.

In addition to the delectable scents, Soap Fetish soaps contain fabulous glycerin, cool colors, and the right amount of glam. Everything is made – by hand – in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Slight variations may occur, as these little beauties are all original: none are exactly alike but all are precious!

And SHRINKAGE is guaranteed – it’s soap, right?! You’ve heard the old saying "if you don’t use it you lose it?" Well, when it comes to our soap, you just gotta use it. You still lose it, but it’s such great soap. Then you come back to Soap Fetish and get some more. That works.

WARNING: Our soaps do NOT taste as good as they look! They’re definitely NOT made for human consumption, but they all smell so fabulous that sometimes you just want to take a bite. Well, DON’T DO IT! Show some restraint and always keep them away from children and pets.

And remember, they are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.