Soap Fetish
Soap Fetish
Soap Fetish

Soap Fetish... where getting clean gets a little bit dirty!

Yep, it's all soap!

We offer handcrafted soap for the mature (and immature!) consumer, with a love of fine suds and a good sense of humor! 

Not X-rated, just good, clean fun.  Besides our famous “body parts,” we offer sports and Vegas-themed soaps, as well as some stellar complexion bars & scrubs.  Just letting you know you will see some adult-themed-but-kick-ass products in the mix. 

Rest assured, no wieners, boobs, booties, or beaves were harmed in the making of these soaps.  Our creations are purely fictitious and from our own, dirty minds.  Any resemblance to an actual person or body part thereof would be a divine coincidence.  And very, very weird!  Each piece is crafted by hand, with love (and completely by memory) and the finest ingredients to keep you sparkling clean and smelling delightful! 

Be a Fabulous Gift-Giver

We have lots of fun names and colors to choose from, but want a specific eye, lip, or face color? A favorite scent? We give extra service—no extra charge!

We can create a gift box theme, like this camo beauty, using favorite scents and colors—something that matches the bathroom or your bridal colors. Custom labeling, too!

Something about seeing a dick dangling in the shower, a booty on the bathtub, or a boob at the kitchen sink... a smile comes with every soap. 🙂

Say yes-la to the Tesla! If they have a Tesla, they want this soap. If they don't have one, just tell them you got them a Tesla, and this one doesn't even need electricity!

Can be celebrated in your very own shower! In addition to our iconic "Welcome" sign, Vegas Golden Knights and Las Vegas Raiders are now memorialized... in suds! And the Kansas City Chiefs? What can I say? I still adore my hometown (Ma-homes town!).

We have booty soaps and then some soaps that really kick some booty! We offer caffeinating, pore-cleansing, skin-healing, body-polishing, and grime-busting scrubs, destined to become your favorites.

Looking for a Chic Cheek, a Kiss on the Cheek or a Peace of Ass? Yes, Yes, Yes!

Our gorgeous & delectably-scented vajayjays really raise the bar (of soap)!

Grab one now, we've got mounds of colors and scents.

They travel in pairs and are ALWAYS in season.

You'll want one in every color!

He measures almost 8 ounces, but then there's shrinkage...

Love To Hear From You!

We love hearing from our customers, so feel free to call or email. Have an idea for a customized soap? We want to hear it! For Las Vegas and surrounding areas, we do free delivery on orders over $75.00.