Orange You Special?!

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Vitamin C is a vital molecule for skin health & regeneration, offering powerful anti-microbial & anti-bacterial benefits.  We’ve added pure carrot powder, a mild exfoliant, that helps repair & tone the skin.  Not only does it add to the vitamin C, but includes vitamins A, Bs (1, 2, 3, 6 & 12), E and K…plus some minerals!  Our formula is detergent-free and lasts a lonnnnng time!   You’ll find this sudsy slice of heaven very a-peel-ing!!!


Looks like an orange slice and weighs approximately 4-ounces,  is almost 3 inches in diameter and over an inch thick.  Comes in biodegradable packaging – good for the environment and good for your skin!

1 review for Orange You Special?!

  1. Sue Garretson

    I have been waiting for this one to get onto your site. Got one at your Botega show and I am amazed at how my skin feels, like it’s polished.

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